Infrastructure Asset Collection and Management

Workers with backhoe installing pipeline.

Centralized Data Storage

Imagine having all asset information (material, install date, images, design plans, etc.) in one place. The data can even be deployed in our WebGIS and be accessible out in the field. Field crews could even use our Pipe Isolation Tool which shows the valves to turn off when a water main breaks along with which customers and hydrants are affected.

Easier to Maintain

Whether adding new assets or revising the accuracy of the existing data, moving your infrastructure information into a GIS simplifies map revisions. Importing GPS data, AutoCAD drawing or drawing from submitted plans is relatively painless. Some engineer companies can even send you GIS updates; we can! Hurt & Proffitt, Inc.

Informed Planning

Correctly setup, a GIS can help you make informed decisions about economic development and budgeting. You will be able to see where your infrastructure causes grief or is ageing. Your staff can then use the GIS to help illustrate budget needs or lobby for necessary upgrades effectively.